Ancora Imparo - I am still learning

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Today was a nice, relaxed day. My sons needed it after such a busy day yesterday. :^) I spend much of the late morning watching theology lessons on DVD, then finished reading my theology lesson for the week. It's really very interesting. This week's lesson was the second half of a chapter on ecclesiology - the doctrine of the church. Today, the neatest thing happened - another proof that unschooling works! Taliesin and Nathanael were watching a video on trucks, tractors, and trains. One part of the video has some farmers in South America. I was upstairs studying, when Taliesin came upstairs from the basement where he was watching the video. He searched his bookshelf in the kitchen full of "school things" for his floor puzzle of the United States. He opened it up and brought it to me, asking, "Mom, where is South America? I can't find it." I explained to him that the United States is part of the continent North America. So I took him downstairs again and showed him a map of South America that hangs on his school room wall. I told him that the farmers on the video were probably somewhere around Brazil. Then we went through the maps of each of the continents. He's definitely becoming quite interested in geography. Looks like we'll have to check out some more books about cultures found in other countries. We started that before, and both Taliesin and Nathanael really enjoyed it. Then we just started getting into other things; but I think Taliesin will be ready to get back into it!

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