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Friday, April 18, 2008

It's Been Forever!!!

It has been forever since I've had time to really get back to the blog. LOL. First the holidays; then birthdays; then Easter; and always school with Taliesin and Nathanael, college and work. But I decided today I really need to get back into blogging. Taliesin and Nathanael attended their first cirucus today. Each year, the Shriner's put on a circus to fund their hospitals. Recently, Taliesin read in one of his Dora the Explorer phonics books about a circus. He asked what a circus is. So we promised him that next time one came to town, we would go. So our school day today was going to the circus (and an open house the art center and McDonald's and the park). But they both really enjoyed it! Taliesin said his favorite part was the dog tricks. Nathanael said his favorites were the tigers and elephants. I do think they were both intrigued by the motorcycle stunts. I, myself, really enjoyed the acrobats. They've always been my favorite part of a circus. Kelsey said he just enjoyed the whole thing. It's been a nice, relaxing day.
Next week, I've told Taliesin and Nathanael we really need to focus on their projects for the upcoming homeschooler's project fair. Their topics are pirates and knights, so it should definitely be fun. Taliesin is also working hard on his mandolin. He has a talent contest coming up at church next month; so he's pretty excited.

Until next time, which should not be as long as it was this time. :^)


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