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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bus ride, beliefs, and more

I still have a few things to get done for college before work tonight, but I wanted to post a quick update. :^)
Taliesin and Nathanael LOVED their bus ride yesterday. They want to do it again. I'm glad they enjoyed it. And the edible book contest was lots of fun! I'm not sure who won, but there were some great entries! Looks like all of the kids really worked hard on their projects! Now we're finishing up Taliesin's and Nathanael's projects (knights and pirates) for the SVHE project fair on Monday.

Aside from that, I've had a stressful past couple of days at work. Most, actually probably all, know I've vegetarian. I have been for nineteen years. Two days ago at work, while on break, I ordered a sandwich. Right now, they have what they call a loaded steakhouse burger. It comes with a steak, bacon, sauce, mashed potatoes, and French fried onions. Well, the day before, I had ordered one with no meat and the girl making it put pickles and onions an mayonaise and everything on it. So I was joking with the kitchen people a couple of nights ago, and told them, just for the record, no meat means just no meat. LOL. Well, I was about half-way through the sandwich when I realized that the sandwich had bacon on it. I was not happy, asked for a refund of the money I spent on it, and spent much of the rest of the evening feeling perturbed. I admit I did feel as though the girl did it on purpose, but then I realized my silliness and apologized if I had an attitude with her. But I still felt as though they should have been more careful, since they knew my personal belief is being vegetarian. I especially felt this way because the one doing the cooking is goes to a strict apostolistic church - so she does not wear pants, wear make-up or jewelry, does not cut her hair, etc. I've never had a problem with her beliefs, even though mine are different. I just felt that someone with such strict beliefs of her own would have paid careful attention to someone else's beliefs. Well, last night, this subject came up with my manager. He was not upset over it or disciplining me. He said he felt I over-reacted. When I explained my viewpoint, he pretty much passed it off. That was very upsetting to me that a company would downplay someone's beliefs that way. Yes, I realize it was mistake. And I apologized for getting an attitude. But I do not feel I am wrong in my opinion that they should have been more careful, knowing that I do not eat anything that kills an animal to make it.
As you can tell, this is still upsetting me.

Well, back to college work. :^)


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