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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Project Fair

Last week, Taliesin and Nathanael took part in the annual project fair for the local homeschooling group. This year, Taliesin did a collage of his interests - a project entitled "About Me." It featured things such as his artwork, his karate medals, some homemade fairy bread, a bowl of oobleck, the pet rats, some favorite books, and some of his sketches. Nathanael chose to do his on volcanos (one of his favorite things along with tornados). Taliesin, especially, enjoyed himself. He loved explaining to people what he was displaying.

I, personally, was a little disappointed this year. The kids that took part went to a lot of hard work. And for some strange reason, this year the project fair and a regular business meeting were combined into one event. The kids got restless waiting for their turn, which was sandwiched in between the regular meeting and election of officers. I just wish it would have been a night for only the kids to display all of their hard work.


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