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Saturday, May 16, 2009

My New College Class

This summer, I am taking two college classes. They will overlap for a couple of weeks; but, other than that, I will be taking them individually. I am currently taking an educational philosophy class. It is very interesting. I recently posted my first assignment from the class. Today I've been reading about Plato's and Aristotle's view of education and about the essentialist view of education. Needless to say, I totally disagree with the latter. I can glean some truth from Plato and Aristotle, even though I disagree with them on quite a bit. For instance, Aristotle believed that all education should be public, not private. During Aristotle's time, all education was conducted in the home. Each individual family decided what their children should learn and how. Aristotle did not agree with this, but felt that in order for children to be good citizens in a good democracy; they should be educated publically by those qualified to educate. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Good thing I do not have to respond to this part of Aristotle's philosophy, or my professor would probably think I have lost my mind. :^) Well, back to my assignment on the difference between prominent philosophies of reality.



TERI said...

I bet you have some really interesting conversations with these classes! Seems like the majority think "government run" is alway the answer. That is in complete contrast of what I believe.

unschoolermom said...

I definitely agree with you! Government-run is certainly not the best in my opinion, either. There is a pretty good mixture in my education classes, usually - students who are in the public schools, in the private schools, and even some homeschoolers off and on.