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Monday, May 25, 2009

Critical Thinking...

This morning, Taliesin and Nathanael woke up in the mood to play with toy cars and their toy car transporters. They each got a car transporter from Easter Bunny a couple of Easters ago. Taliesin's is Superman and Nathanael's is Batman. We've had lots of fun with them over the past couple of years - playing cars, adding cars, subtracting cars. Sometimes these car transporters do get a little bit frustrating. Their hard plastic make-up makes them difficult to maneuver sometimes. But, all in all, Taliesin and Nathanael enjoy playing with them. Today, Nathanael discovered that one of the tires was missing from one of the wheels. After a vain attempt to find the missing tire, he discovered a solution - just remove the rest of the tires from the rest of the wheels. Not bad critical thinking. :^) I love unschooling!



little castle said...

Great example of critical thinking!

unschoolermom said...

Thank you. :^) I thought it was pretty good. :^)