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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dinosaur Labor Day

I hope everyone had a good Labor Day holiday. Ours was a lot of fun. I have some great pictures; but, alas, I'm still not able to download them. On Labor Day afternoon, we hiked on Indian Rock - looking for dinosaur fossils. :^) This was kind of a kick off to a new unit study we're doing on dinosaurs. (Taliesin has really been into lapbooking recently. Nathanael is even getting into this dinosaur lapbook series). We did not find any dinosaur fossils, but we did find some pretty leaves and even some kind of crab claws. Taliesin and Nathanael think they're pretty cool! Then after our fossil hike, we came back home and had a BBQ and watched Prince Caspian with my dad, my sister, and her husband. It was a fun day!


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