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Thursday, August 20, 2009


We have been having lots of fun activities, and I'm trying now to download pictures; but it's not working for some reason. I will be posting pictures, though, as soon as possible. Taliesin and Nathanael are both enjoying their new unit studies and are creating some of their own, too! We've created friction with Mr. Grumpy's Motor Car - using toy cars, playdough, ice, and fish bowl gravel. We have found foods that wild animals eat in conjunction with Peter Rabbit. Just yesterday, we watched two baby ducklings for Make Way for Ducklings. Both Taliesin and Nathanael have been really into making junk robots in conjunction with Wall-E. And, of course, we've been doing lots and lots of art - both with the daycare kids and on our own. Last night, I found some really neat floor workbooks at Wal-Mart. I picked up a kindergarten one and a first grade one. I did not expect that Taliesin and Nathanael would take to them the way they have. Both of them have been doing the activities in both of the workbooks. Guess it shows that unschoolers do not "fall behind" as the critics worry will happen. Oh, and Taliesin has really gotten into treasures - thanks to the National Treasure movies. So am wanting to plan a big treasure hunt for the unschooling group. We have our Not Back to School Day coming up next month. So maybe we can plan a treasure hunt for a fall party.

The daycare is going very well - and most of the reason why I have not posted more often here lately. I am doing both first and second shift. I have eight children enrolled. There have been a few quirks to work out now and then; but the kids love coming here and really enjoy the activities we have. I'm trying to keep the daycare blog updated as much as possible also.

And next week is my big week - new college classes begin! I can't wait. I have been reading ahead. I have always had a big interest in the Books of Daniel and Revelation, so the class covering these two books is right up my alley. And I love what I'm reading in my differentiated instruction texts. So much of what they promote is very unschooly, and I have been incorporating many of the strategies into the daycare. I can't wait to really get started on these assignments!

BTW, I have a few of my summer math class assignments to post, also. So I plan to get those posted here within the next couple days also.


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little castle said...

Sounds like so much fun (and whew-how do you do it all?)! =)