Ancora Imparo - I am still learning

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Maybe I need some training wheels, too. :^)

Okay, so I'm determined to lose some weight and to get in better shape. And I'm thinking, "Bicycles! What a fun family activity!" So we invest in bikes for each of us. I forget the fact that I have not been on a bicycle since I was eight years old! I'm now thirty-four. Nevermind the fact that the last bicycle I had was sixteen inches with a banana seat. LOL. So I get this 24", 18 speed mountain bike. Glad I did not try for the 26" bike. I'm 5'2". Having a difficult time getting up on the bike. LOL I'm fine once I get going - until I have to stop. I've never had a bike with the brakes on the handle bars. It's an interesting adventure, and I am sure sore. Call it unschooling myself.



TERI said...

I hear you on that one, Kandy! I don't even want to try and get on a bike now. I have a difficult enough time trying to ride my grandson's scooter while pushing with one foot...not a pretty site. When I run....he just laughs! Must be funny to see Grandma run...

little castle said...

What fun! We love riding bikes together. The first bike I purchased was way too big for me, the second one is much better. Hoping you love biking together as much as we do. =)