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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Five in a Row

Recently, some of the daycare kids have been talking to Taliesin about school. - You know, things like, "If you went to a regular school, you would..." It's not that they have meant anything bad by it, it's just that school is what they are familiar with. So I asked Taliesin if he preferred to go to a regular school or if he preferred to stay home and do things the way that we always do. He told me he preferred to stay home. (I'm glad. Because I definitely would not ever want to send him to a public school, and we cannot really afford a private school right now. Guess we would have started with the homeschooling co-op and called it good - LOL). So I asked him if he would like to order a more school-like curriculum. He was so excited over that idea. So we ordered a volume of Five in a Row and purchased the books from Amazon. The books have been arriving over the past couple of weeks, and today we got the actual curriculum in the mail. Taliesin was thrilled! He immediately began some of the art lessons, of course. (Will get some pictures of his new artwork). He's been enjoying some of the language arts lessons and is in a hurry to start the unit study over the book Wee Gillis. It's one of his favorites. :^) And, of course, I'm letting him choose how he wants to do the activities, not following the curriculum religiously. Nathanael is even getting in on the action. He wants to do the activities over Make Way for Ducklings, his favorite book in the series. The first thing Taliesin said tonight after working on his new art projects was he wants to show the daycare kids tomorrow. I think it makes him feel good that he can show them the curriculum now. Not that it's that much different from what we've always done; but now it's more official to him, I think. Ah, such is child-directed learning. ;^)


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