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Friday, July 3, 2009

Just Us

Taliesin and Nathanael, out of the blue, asked to go to the museum a few days ago. So we went, of course. This time, they were fascinated by the Native American items.

Fun at the Park

Taliesin's karate graduation. He is now an orange belt. I'm very proud of his dedication!

Carnival Fun

Today, all of my daycare children are gone for the weekend. It's just us. Taliesin and Nathanael love the daycare. But I think they enjoy some alone time, too. Right now, they're in the kitchen playing with their army men. Just bought a new set for them and the daycare kids. Playing with army men is one of the favorite activities among the boys (and often the girls, too). Just thought I would take my day off and post some pictures from the past week.

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