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Saturday, July 18, 2009

One Thing Leads to Another

Taliesin is in a Transformer stage right now. When he got a new backback, he got a Transformer one. He loves to wear his Transformer shirts. So when he bought a new Transformer toy a few days ago, it was no surprise. I think his new toy looks like a twisted Wall-E. But that could be just me. LOL. Taliesin is also my artist. Yesterday when we were all outside (the daycare kids, Taliesin, Nathanael, and me), Taliesin ran in the house and came out with paper and pens. He sat down on a chair and drew this robot. I love Taliesin's artwork. He is so passionate about it. I do not think it's too bad at all for a six-year old.

Speaking of being passionate about something, Nathanael is still into animals. One of his favorite stories here lately is The Poky Little Puppy. We read it quite often, which has led to his question, "What is a lark?" For those familiar with The Poky Little Puppy, you know that the puppies go to sleep "as happy as a lark." So Nathanael has been enjoying studying larks and looking up pictures of larks online. Ah, one thing definitely leads to another.



jaci said...

That is pretty good for a 6 year old! I think it looks like Number 5 from the movie "Short Circuit". (Showing my age)

Pretty cool artwork, anyway!

unschoolermom said...

I never thought of that, but it really does! :^)


TERI said...

I love how the learning just blends into each other! That's the beauty of unschooling? You don't have to follow the "lesson plan"!

unschoolermom said...

So true!