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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Crazy Week

This has been such a crazy week. I'm now up to six children in the childcare. Plus all of Taliesin's and Nathanael's activities. Taliesin had a karate graduation on Saturday. It was a lot of fun for him. He's now an orange belt. We went to a carnival twice this past weekend. Will be posting pictures from all of our recent activities just as soon as I finish a research paper that is due on Friday. I also just began a new college class - one for math teachers. (Math is not my favorite subject!). Just trying to keep up with everything is a challenge! So, again, I'm sorry for the delay on the blog postings. I really am trying. :^)



TERI said...

What a blessing that your daycare is so successful!

unschoolermom said...

It definitely is! We are really enjoying it!