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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Going Green

Well, green like a tree frog, that is. We've always been pretty green as in environmentalism, anyway. (Taliesin and Nathanael have really been getting into the book Caring for the Planet by Barbara Holland and Hazel Lucas here lately). But to get back to the original story, on Tuesday when Taliesin and Nathanael got received their pay from the Buyer's Guide, they spent their hard-earned money on a tree frog they named Dorothy and all of the supplies to go along with "her." At least we think it is a "her." According to some online research, female tree frogs are larger than male tree frogs; and Dorothy was the larger of the two available from the pet store. They are really enjoying her. She is a lot of fun to observe. Of course, tree frogs are not the kind of pets that are to be loved and cuddled; but she is definitely a good experience for them - particularly when we study the rain forests (and why we need to protect them).



TERI said...

How wonderful! I am a pet lover myself. Enjoy your little frog. I bet she is just a beauty.

unschoolermom said...

We are definitely enjoying her! I found out something interesting - tree frogs will change in color variations according to their surroundings. She has changed from bright green when we got her to a pea green when she sleeps on a brown castle and back to bright green again since she is on bright green plastic leaves. Very cool!