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Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 pictures

Thanksgiving this year was a wonderful time for all, but especially for Taliesin. He so much enjoyed conducting a seder. Here you will see the lapbook pictures - some of Taliesin's and some of Nathanael's - and a couple from Taliesin's seder, too.

I love the way Taliesin is so impressed with meaningful things. Of course, he loves to just have fun like everyone else. But he understands deeper meanings. Just try to get through a movie with Taliesin with no questions. It is impossible! He always has a million questions about why this character is acting that way or how did this person really do that. And he really connects with ideas and traditions that hold a deeper meaning - such as with a Passover seder in which each item is symbolic of something else. This year, Taliesin has requested that we study Hannukah. So I am off to do research on this tradition as well. Should be fun!


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TurtleOak said...

Taliesin sounds like Eli - a deep thinking old soul of a child - being Eli's mom has certainly never been boring and often I feel so inspired by it.