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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall - Part 3

I'm sorry about the delay in getting these posted. These are some fun pictures from the past week's activities.

Taliesin made this fall picture for his dance teacher.

Nathanael at his dress-up dance class this year. Last year, he would not go. He was scared of the kids in costume. This year, he was happy to dress up as Obi Wan and went right in.

At the Mall. Taliesin was more into this than Nathanael was. But Nathanael enjoyed the candy. LOL

The Fall Festival at a local church. Nathanael loved the slide in the middle picture. He was on it most of the night! In the picture, you see a black streak coming down the slide. That's Taliesin in his Darth Vader costume. The bottom picture is one of the cars in the Trunk or Treat line.


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