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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Things have been crazy for the past few weeks. Three and a half weeks ago, my dad had a heart, a stroke, and was hospitalized for double pneumonia. He was in the hospital for over a week and has been under the care of full-time nurses since then. He is doing better. The pneumonia is better at least.

On top of that, I just finished up the two college classes I have been working on for this past eight weeks and started my first summer class of the year. I'm glad I picked an easy one - Evangelism 101. After this summer, I only have eight classes left before graduating with my double major. I am excited about that.

I have so many things to share that Taliesin and Nathanael have been working on - insect studies (including finding and providing habitats for live insects to observe them), creation astronomy studies, dance recitals, karate tournaments, project fairs, bubbleology studies, a new volume of Five in a Row, lots of art and science projects, penpals, the list could go on. I really need to get the pictures downloaded and posted.

Lastly, aside from my work with the childcare; I am also back to working on my books. I have just really felt that I need to get these written and published (either traditionally or through self-publishing). They really are a calling for me.

I am going to try to get everything caught up on my blog - again. I hope this time I actually can!

God bless.


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Deb(bie Debbie Doo) said...


Sorry to hear about what your Dad went through - I imagine that was a very scary experience for all of you.

Don't fret over the blog - you're busy living and the blog will get attention at the right time.