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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sick Day

Today has been kind of an upsetting day. Nathanael, my two-year old, started getting sick last night. I got a call at work from my sister (babysitter) saying he was running a low-grade fever and was having flu symptoms. He still has both today. But he's in good spirits. Taliesin, my four-year old, had his art/dance class today at the art center. When we came home, he asked to work on his numbers. So we reviewed his counting and addition tables. Then he wanted to do a worksheet; so he did the number five worksheet. Then Nathanael surprised me. He has never been interested in doing worksheets. But he wanted to do a counting worksheet. So we counted the pictures on each worksheet - 1-6. He was so proud of himself. Then we counted toy dinosaurs. They both got stickers for doing such a good job, and Taliesin decided to put his worksheets on their school-room door. :^) Just goes to show, unschooling works! :^)

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