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Friday, September 21, 2007

Buying a new house

We're in the process of moving to a home we just bought. My four-year old is very excited. He loves it! It has a huge finished basement that is perfect for a family room and playroom/school room (as much as we can have a school room being unschoolers). My four-year old wanted the walls in his playroom/"school room" to be yellow and the ceiling to be green. So we have the walls yellow and will be painting the ceiling green as soon as possible. This is the first home we have lived in, as a family, that we have bought. My husband and I have rented since we've been together. So this is definitely an exciting experience!


Tai Tai said...

Congratulation!! It's an exciting experience. I remember that moment!.. Guess what? We want to move AGAIN someday! LOL. We realized we will enjoy living in the country. So, that's our goal next to buy one in the country. Our house feels too small. Already?! I know. It's only been a yr.. But who knows.

unschoolermom said...

We've been renting this house for about a year and a half. We were ready to buy. :^)